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Benefits of Cacao Butter and Its High Stearic Acid Content

The stearic acid in cacao butter is an unsung hero in health, wellness, and performance.

On a low-carb or ketogenic diet, fat is the fuel that satiates, energizes, and unlocks your full potential. Everything from nuts, cheese, and seeds to grass-fed butter and MCT oil are not only fair game but encouraged during meals and snacks.

Then there’s cacao butter, sitting on the sidelines, waiting for its chance to shine. Loaded with stearic acid, cacao butter is a game-changer for athletes, active adventurers, and anyone striving to reshape their body composition.

Let’s dive into the science behind why that is.

What is Cacao Butter?

Cacao butter, or cocoa butter, is a natural, edible fat extracted from cocoa beans. After harvesting and roasting the beans, producers separate the cocoa solids (which later become chocolate) from the pressed fat (cacao butter).

Cacao butter is a waxy solid at room temperature, but its crystals become smooth when warmed in your hands. That’s why cacao butter is often used alongside shea butter in moisturizing personal care and skin care products like lotion, shampoo, lip balm, and other cosmetic formulations. Its derivatives, made from chemical synthesis or hydrolysis, can be used as emulsifiers, mild surfactants (cleaning agents), soap hardeners, organic solvents, and more.

 Nutritionally speaking, cocoa butter is high in vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium and supports bone health.[*] It also contains a decent amount of vitamin E (an antioxidant that protects your brain health).[*]

Cocoa butter contains three types of fatty acids: palmitic acid (25%), oleic acid (33%) and stearic acid (33%).[*]

The Stearic Acid Revelation

Stearic acid is a long-chain fatty acid found in animal fat and vegetable fats.[*] It’s one of the most common saturated fatty acids in nature. 

Foods with the highest stearic acid content include beef tallow (up to 30% of total fat), beef fat (~19%), and pork, lamb, and veal (between 9% and 16%).[*][*] The trophy for the highest percentage of stearic acid? That goes to cacao butter, with a whopping 33%.[*]

 Unlike other lipids (fats), the unique chemical structure of stearic acid (aka n-Octadecanoic acid on PubChem) means it:

  • Has a high melting point and boiling point
  • Remains stable at high temperatures
  • Doesn’t become rancid or easily succumb to oxidation

 This makes cacao butter a reliable, desirable fat for shelf-stable products and high-heat cooking.

 FYI: If you’re reading supplement labels, you may come across magnesium stearate. This anti-caking agent is a salt formed by combining stearic acid with magnesium.

What are the Benefits of Stearic Acid?

The effects of stearic acid pack a punch in more ways than one. Here’s how science says it separates the contenders from the pretenders:

1. Stearic Acid Fuels Fat Loss

Stearic acid may be extremely helpful for improving metabolic markers like visceral fat, the type of dangerous abdominal fat that accumulates between your organs.[*]

 In one study, scientists fed mice a low-fat diet or a diet enriched with either stearic acid, linoleic acid (safflower oil), or oleic acid. They noticed visceral fat dropped ∼70% in the stearic acid-fed group compared to the others.[*]

2. It May Support Your Heart Health

Our bodies convert approximately 9–14% of dietary stearic acid to oleic acid, the same monounsaturated fat found in olive oil.[*] This discovery kicked off a slew of research on stearic acid’s potential cardiovascular benefits.

 Even though studies have been mixed on the benefits of saturated fat for heart health, many researchers believe stearic acid should be in a class of its own because it doesn’t increase the risk of heart disease.[*] It may actually be beneficial for your ticker.

 According to scientists, diets containing stearic acid have been shown to have a neutral effect on blood pressure and may lower LDL cholesterol.[*][*] Replacing carbs for stearic acid also lowers triglycerides.[*

 Further, compared to a diet high in palmitic acid (another saturated fat), stearic acid-rich diets may decrease the risk factors associated with blood clots, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.[*]  

3. It May Lower Blood Sugar Levels & Reverse Type 2 Diabetes 

In one study, mice with type 2 diabetes (T2D) were fed a high-fat diet enriched in stearic acid. They significantly dropped their blood sugar levels. So the researchers concluded that stearic acid could slow the progression of T2D and possibly even reverse it.[*]

4. Stearic Acid May Spark Higher Energy Levels

Fueling up isn’t about the number of calories you consume; it’s about the quality of those calories. High energy demand situations require foods that deliver. And stearic acid doesn’t just burn; it blazes. 

 Studies suggest that stearic acid may influence your metabolism and energy production. Its potentially positive effects on mitochondrial fusion (aka the cells responsible for energy production) mean relentless strength, stamina, and resilience.[*]

 This high-octane fuel provides a sustained energy source to power your physical and mental performance — without any of the adverse effects of an energy drink.

5. It May Offer Mental Clarity & Neuroprotection  

Our brains are nearly 60% fat.[*] So fatty acids are among the most crucial molecules we can give our brains to support focus, mental clarity, structural integrity, and their ability to perform as we age.

 When you need your mind to be a razor-sharp weapon, stearic acid steps up to the plate. In ketosis, your body uses dietary fatty acids to produce ketones for energy.[*] As they’re released into the bloodstream, your brain grabs the lion’s share.

 The result? Less brain fog and afternoon energy slumps and more unwavering concentration to dominate whatever challenge lies ahead.

 Studies also show that stearic acid may protect your brain from oxidative stress.[*] This damage occurs due to inflammation and increases your risk of cognitive decline, dementia, and Alzheimer’s.[*]

Keto Brick: A Performance Powerhouse

Keto Brick is a performance bar made by performers for performers. The Bricks take the guesswork out of consuming quality fats, make macro-tracking and meal prep easy, and give you the freedom to stop worrying about your food and start living your life. 

 We make every high-calorie, shelf-stable Brick with the highest quality ingredients:

  • Raw, organic cacao butter to deliver all those stearic acid benefits.
  • Vegetable and whey protein. Grass-fed and pastured, our clean, delicious whey protein is processed using cold-water microfiltration technologies to retain the bioactive protein subfractions and reduce denaturation as much as possible.
  • Pure MCT powder for rapid ketone production and energy galore.
  • Ground flaxseed for essential omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.
  • Raw organic cacao nibs — a phytonutrient superfood and tasty treat.
  • Pink Himalayan salt for minerals and electrolytes.
  • Ground coffee (depending on flavor) for a quick caffeine boost.

    Every Keto Brick is gluten-free and devoid of cheap filler ingredients or loads of sweeteners. We have your back so you can conquer your goals without compromise!

    The Taste of Triumph

    With its stearic acid prowess, cacao butter isn’t just a reward for your taste buds; it redefines what it means to fuel your body with healthy saturated fats. 

     From greater fat loss and higher energy levels to long-term heart health and neuroprotection, stearic acid can help transform you into the high-performing force of nature you were born to be. The podium awaits, and it has your name on it.

    💪 Find your favorite Keto Brick flavor now — with nine delicious options, there’s a Brick for every palate!

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