Shipping Policy:

We ship all orders on the next business day.  We use USPS, UPS, and FedEx as our primary shipping carriers.

Domestic Shipping:

We cover shipping costs so that you can enjoy the Bricks in all their glory and not have to worry about paying for shipping!

International Shipping:

We ship worldwide!  Unfortunately, the cost of shipping internationally isn't cheap and we aren't able to offer free international shipping.  We are constantly looking for more cost-effective international shipping solutions.

Warm Weather Shipping:

The Brick is shelf-stable at room temperature.  In fact, it's shelf-stable above room temperature.  However, shipping during the summer months can result in these bricks being exposed to temps well above 100 degrees.  We can't guarantee that these beauties will stay solid if they are sitting in a USPS truck baking at 100+ degrees.  If you get a deformed brick, just let it cool back to room temp or pop it in the fridge for a bit.  It won't look nearly as pretty, but the macros are still on point, and the flavor is still great :) I do apologize if you get a Keto Blob instead of a Keto Brick ;)

To combat this, we follow a "warm weather" shipping protocol from May to August, where we place cold packs in the shipment packages.  This may not solve the problem in all instances, but it works pretty well and usually ensures your Brick isn't melted!

Shipping Protection:

We have partnered with Route Package Protection as a way to hedge against porch pirates, missing shipments, and other headaches that come from shipping a product across multiple states.  Feel free to cover your order with our Route Protection plan and submit a claim if necessary!