Step 1: Put in mouth.

Step 2: Chew.

The brick is meant to be used as a high performance meal replacement or fat bomb but can also be enjoyed several different ways.  Check out our recipe section on the site for more ideas! 

We sell our product as a high-calorie meal replacement; however, we suggest supplementing the Keto Brick alongside a nutritionally dense diet. We would never recommend the bricks to be the only thing you eat in a day!

They are shelf-stable, and the majority of our bricks currently have a shelf life of 1 and a half years from production! However, all Bricks containing nut butters have a shelf life of roughly 9 months. The manufacture date is on each brick for reference! 

*Note: While these bricks are shelf-stable, we recommend they be placed in the fridge for maximum freshness and flavor. Again, totally NOT necessary but recommended.

The brick is shelf-stable at room temperature.  In fact, it's shelf-stable above room temperature.  However, shipping during the summer months can result in these bricks being exposed to temps well above 100 degrees.  I can't guarantee that these beauties will stay solid if they are sitting in a USPS truck baking at 100+ degrees.  If you get a deformed brick, just let it cool back to room temp or pop it in the fridge for a bit.  It won't look near as pretty, but the macros are still on point and the flavor is still great :) I do apologize if you get a Keto Blob instead of a Keto Brick ;)

We package orders of 6+ Bricks with cold packs during the summer months to protect against melted Bricks.  Using these cold packs results in condensation within the shipping mailer.  We encourage you to open your mailer upon delivery and ensure your Bricks are stored in a cool, dry place!